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BEA Eagle HM Universal Overhead Industrial Door Sensor BEA Falcon Detector
EA-Eagle HM Universal Overhead Industrial Door Sensor - BEA’s Eagle HM (High Mount) is a modified version of the Eagle designed for mounting above large industrial doors. The Eagle HM creates a larger detection field and can be set up and adjusted using a BEA remote control. This eliminates the need for ladders and unnecessary downtime. The Eagle HM utilizes K-Band microwave technology to provide unparalleled motion detection to activate automatic doors, while employing sophisticated motion tracking technology for unidirectional sensing. Similar to the Eagle, the Eagle HM screens out interference's caused by rain, snow, radio frequency and header vibration. The Eagle’s advanced motion detection feature can filter slower moving pedestrians from faster mechanical traffic. BEA- Falcon Industrial Door Motion Sensor- for doors over 11-1/2 ft, for Doors shorter than 11-1/2 ft please note the door height when ordering and reference the Falcon XL model.