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Rolling Door Protector Winding Bar, Tension Bar, Tension Rod, Winding Rod, Door Bar, Door spring bar, spring bar Universal  Slat Adaptor
Universal Slat Adaptor
Our Price: $70.00
Cookson Rolling Door Protector (RDP)

Minimize the Risks that Rolling Door Impacts can Create for Life Safety, Property, Productivity and Your Operating Budget.

Cookson’s Rolling Door Protector, or RDP, helps protect coiling doors
against the damage that results from forklift impacts:
Mounted near the head of the door, the RDP provides a resilient, safety yellow barrier
across the opening to alert oncoming tra c.
When an impact occurs, the RDP:
Certi ed by Underwriters Laboratories, the RDP can protect both  re rated and non-rated coiling doors.
Available in guide mounted or wall mounted con gurations, the RDP can be easily installed to help protect virtually any coiling door up to 18’ wide.

Overhead Door Winding (Tension) Bar

  • Hex Bar to prevent the bar from rolling on a ladder or on the ground
  • Small Size (WB1): 18" Long Rod with 7/16" & 1/2" Diameter Sides
  • Large Size (WB2): 24" Long Rod with 1/2" & 5/8" Diameter Sides
  • Comes as a pair

Universal Slat Adaptor (USA)

The Cookson Company just announced a new addition to their parts offering to help support your service business on competitive products. We now offer a Universal Slat Adaptor that allows retro fit slat replacement on other manufacturer’s doors. The Universal Slat Adaptor will allow Cookson and new OHD replacement slats to link up with a wide variety of competitor slats.

Each Universal Slat Adaptor (USA) is constructed of 14Ga. Extruded Aluminum in a clear anodized finish. The USA is sold in 21’ lengths, shipped in three 7’ pieces or cut to length.

Please note these Universal Slat Adaptor restrictions:

Use only on interior mounted doors Replacement slats must be attached below the USA Cannot be used on doors with windlocks Cannot be used on fire rated doors.

Overhead Door Sling, Door Sling, Rolling Door Sling, Overhead Lifting Strap, Door Strap Sling LM21XPBB, fire release device, fire fly 3, fire fly 3 plus, liftmaster fire release, release device, fire door Cookson Integral Frame Door
Overhead Door Sling
Our Price: $345.00
Cookson Integral Frame Door
Our Price: $3,200.00
Overhead Door Interlocking Sling

The difficult task of installing overhead doors is now done efficiently with these Overhead Door Slings. Overhead Door Slings are available in five models but the 5"x7' slings are in stock ready to ship same day. Comes with locking pin

Extended Performance Fire Release Device by LiftMaster

The XPBB release device provides the functionality of a standalone fire alarm system including
battery backup for installations prone to power outages or the existing alarm system is unable
to support the door release system.

All LiftMaster Openers and Operators should be purchased through a Dealer and professionally
Cookson Integral Counter Frame Stainless Steel Door Right Hand Drive 4' 0-1/8" Wide 4' 6" Height Cookson #10 Slat 22 Gauge Curtain #4 Polished Stainless Steel Push-Up Operated Door Cylinder Locks on Bottom Bar ***Brand New Still in the Box, We...