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Draft Plug Counter Weight 3" Residential Pulley - Heavy Duty
Draft Plug
Our Price: $7.00
Counter Weight
Our Price: $9.33


(Chain Cup Draft Plug):

  • For Mechanical Dock Levelers with pull chain
  • Goes in the Cup where the pull chain is
  • Used to seal the pull chain cup to prevent air flow and insect infiltration


Counter Weight for replacement in the Blue Giant Hold Down Box 788-037-2. The Counter Weight and the Lock Roller (103-167) Sandwich the Coil Spring (113-143) to stop the release of the cable (223-0017) from the hold down box..

3" Residential Pulley - Heavy Duty

Finish: Galvanized
Max. Balance Weight:
600 lbs
103-167, lock roller Wear Strip Bar 200-02417, pawl arm
Lock Roller (Hardened)
Our Price: $17.50
Wear Strip Bar
Our Price: $18.00
Pawl Arm
Our Price: $25.00

Hardened Lock Roller

The hardened lock roller goes inside of the hold down box and rests between the wear strip bar and the counter weight to stop the rewind wheel from moving.

Wear Strip Bar

Pawl Arm:
  • Blue Giant pawl arm for mechanical brake caliper hold down device
200-02429, pawl spring 223-0017, hold down cable 200-02422, Hold Down Strap
Pawl Spring
Our Price: $25.00
Hold Down Box Cable
Our Price: $28.00
Hold Down Strap 60" OAL
Our Price: $31.80
Pawl Spring:
  • Blue Giant pawl arm for mechanical brake caliper hold down device

Cable Assembly for hold down boxes. Fits the follow dock length sizes 6', 8', 10'

Blue Giant Hold Down Strap
  • For brake caliper hold down system
  • 60" Long