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CPS-OPEN4, liftmaster photo eye OPE-S Photo Eye CPS-RPEN4, Monitored Retro-Reflective Photo Eye
Flexible Optical Photo Eye
Our Price: $105.00
LiftMaster Monitored Dual-Sided Flexible Photo Eyes

CPS-OPEN4 Monitored Dual-Sided Photo Eyes Flexible housing maintains alignment position after minor contact NEMA 4X enclosure protects against direct water spray and corrosion Dual-sided infrared sensors Maximum range of 45 feet Solid sensor lights indicate correct sensor alignment Polarized cables for proper signal continuity and feedback Meets UL 325 2010 safety standards
OPTOEYE (OPE)-BY FRABA- Impact-Resistant Photo Eye
The OPTOEYE is specifically designed to withstand rough commercial and industrial environments. Its flexible design makes it highly resistant to impacts and mechanical shocks
LiftMaster Monitored Reflective Photo Eyes

NEMA 4 Rating with durable housing and 1/4" flex tie back. UL 325 compliant, can be used up to a maximum of 50-feet. For indoor or outdoor use. Sensor light off indicates correct sensor alignment.
RAY-RT, Reflective Photo Eye OES-RD16, Optical Edge Kit
Reflective Photo Eye
Our Price: $215.00
It is a versatile, reflective photo eye, specifically designed to address the challenges of the door industry. It is virtually impact resistant due to its heavy-duty housing, while it requires much less wiring because of its single-sided photo eye design.
LiftMaster MODEL OES-RD16-Optical Edge System

Maximum of 16' wide Rolling Door Edge Kit Rubber door edge is durable, flexible and easy to install Premium rubber can be cut to exact length at the installation site NEMA 6 rating protects against moisture and allows edge to operate in standing water Infrared optical sensors eliminate the need for electrical contact Maximum range of 33 feet Meets UL 325 2010 safety standards